Black Pepper Appalam Papad Manufacturers in India

Black Pepper Appalam Papad Manufacturers in India ~ ~ Orange Appalam ~ SivaExports Siva Exports is one of the best Black Pepper Appalam Papad Manufacturer from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. Appalam is the main dish on Indian meal. Appalams carry with them, a legacy, and that legacy needs to be upheld in every grain that goes into the manufacturing of this signature food product. Our appalams are naturally dried in the sun so that natural flavors are kept without attenuation. Also who needs artificial flavors and colors when the natural flavors are a plenty!? Our appalams are 100% Vegan, and it makes these crispier fit for every platter. Our utmost commitment to quality and authenticity makes our appalams ideal for all ages… from ages 2 to 90! How Appalam manufactured in factory? Here we are going to explain how to manufacture appalam in Siva Exports step by step process. (appalam and papad manufacturer in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.) Why Choose Us for Best